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About Us

The Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust (DSAMAT) was established in 2016 by the Diocese of St Albans and is a Charitable Trust and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

We are an inclusive Trust, working with schools in the Diocese of St Albans (the Local Authority areas of Hertfordshire, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Luton parts of the London Borough of Barnet and two parishes in Buckinghamshire).  Our Trust works with Church of England and community schools that share our values and ethos, and a commitment to a broad education that prepares pupils for a happy, fulfilled life.

We have a clear vision about creating and maintaining successful schools that serve their unique local communities through the provision of a rich and diverse curriculum underpinned by Christian values.  You can read about our mission, vision and values here.

The Trust today

The Trust has grown from being newly established in 2016 admitting its first three Academies, and now comprises of ten Academies over Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire educating in excess of 2000 pupils. 

Our schools include:

  • Caldecote CE Academy
  • Churchfield CE Academy
  • Kensworth CE Academy
  • Manshead CE Academy
  • Northill CE Academy (1st April 2021)
  • Ravensden CE Primary Academy
  • Roxton CE Academy
  • Thomas Whitehead CE Academy
  • Totternhoe CE Academy
  • Studham CE Village Academy

We are dedicated to delivering education that serves local communities.  Our academies are inclusive, welcoming those from all and no faiths, from all abilities and backgrounds.  We believe in providing a high quality education, underpinned by Christian values, which enables every child to flourish.

Our shared focus

Underpinning all of the Trust’s work is a belief in educational excellence.  The Trust serves all stakeholders by providing academies with the highest levels of academic rigour and pastoral care.

Our academies are places where children and young people develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally and spiritually.  All of the Trust’s schools teach a broad and balanced curriculum within national guidelines focusing on core skills.  This is designed to ensure that all pupils reach their academic potential and seek to enrich their experience along the way.  Pupils will be enabled to succeed in an atmosphere of high expectation, aspiring to educational excellence with a firm foundation of values.

Being a member of the Trust

  • The Trust believes in headteacher led schools. Our heads are part of a team that shares practice, wisdom and experience. Our school leaders are expected to work as part of our community.
  • We are committed to providing a wide education for our children, so We support local governance, so can work with existing governing bodies and/or develop capacity through regional boards according to need.
  • Schools contribute 5% of the GAG funding to the Trust community to provide central leadership, support, guidance and training to help our schools become greater.
  • We agree some central systems and support processes to facilitate efficient shared working, including finance systems, MIS, assessment, HR support, payroll.
  • We support compliance, ensuring our community is safe and meets statutory regulations.

Future Development of the Trust

The Trust is committed to continuing to grow sustainably so that we increase our shared organisational efficiency and widen our community of practice.  We are therefore keen to talk to schools that share our commitment and core purposes.  If you would like to consider joining our community, please call on 01525 840183 or click on the link below.