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We believe that working in partnership makes us stronger. The Trust is committed to working with and learning from others.

The Trust retains a close working relationship with the Diocesan Board of Education at the Diocese of St Albans. We work closely with the Regional Schools Commissioners Office, the Department for Education and our Local Authorities partners. 

Through the work of the Trust’s CEO and central team, the Trust has strong and improving links with other Academy Trusts and professional bodies, with whom the Trust shares policies and good practice.

We encourage all of our academies to continue to work with local partners in their communities, building upon the Trust’s work by continuing to work with their own networks. This includes local geographical partners, national agencies, educational research organisations and the Church of England school network.

DSAMAT is an outward facing Trust, welcoming and embracing sources of support and inspiration for our community. We are always keen to work with other schools to develop good practice and provide opportunities for development.

If you are keen to work with the Trust, at governance, management or school level, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we might work, learn and grow together.