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Overview of DSAMAT Governance

Our Members are appointed by the Diocese of St Albans Educational Trust. 

Members have strategic oversight for the work of the Trust, and include representatives from the Diocesan Board of Finance and Diocesan Board of Education.  These bodies reflect the range of skills required to oversee an Academy Trust.

Trustees, also known as Directors, of the Trust are appointed by the Members and have strategic responsibility for its running of the Trust.  Our academy schools have Local Governing Boards (LGBs) which provide local governance to each school, and feed into the wider strategic work of the Directors.

Trust Directors Committees

The Board of Directors has the following committees:

·         Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

·         Finance, People and Operations Committee

·         Education, Ethos and Safeguarding Committee

Details of Members and Directors are available on the drop down menu.

Local Governing Boards

Individual academies are governed at a local level either by their own Local Governing Board (LGB).  LGBs have a level of delegated responsibility from the Directors which is outlined within the Governance Framework and financial delegation.

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